Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I believe in 10 years live Streaming and archived videos will be the internet leading content. Most everyone you meet today can pull out their smart phones and browse the internet and playback or tune in to live broadcast. This is simple amazing looking back 10 years ago when you think of the bag phone days when all you were able to do is make phone call. Today, you have the power of a laptop in most of your smart phones. Looking to the next 10 years I believe smart phones will become even smarter and more powerful. So based on this, we have put together two sites that I believe will try and make live and archived streaming more centralized and powerful to the consumers. Amateur Elite Sports and SCO Inc are designed to give parents memories of their own family members playing AAU basketball, recreational sports for AAU youth basketball, township REC basketball, travel youth soccer, REC youth soccer. Videos replay or live is now one of the fastest growing content on the internet. Whether religious organizations uses it as an outreach or it’s used in sports for memories or entertainment. We must always cherish the development of our young players in all various types of youth sports leagues because it's important to eliminate free time that maybe use to give place to mischief and use that time to mentor children about team sports and being a team player. It's also a wonderful thing to be able to capture the memories of your children so they can show it to their children. Too often in America a professional sport model can be used in measuring youth sports success. Why not think of memories instead of who's going to be the next super star. No youth sports  is really immune to this misapplied standard. For soccer and basketball the situation is made worse by a desire of many adults to use measuring tools from professional sports. We here at Amateur Elite Sports would wish to use our services to gather memories as opposed to sell pipe dreams.

Allowing your loved ones to participate in youth sports is a fantastic way for children to learn and develop lifelong skills. Youth sports just not only play an important role in exercise, but promote mental and psychological advances as well. It is well-known that kids who get involved in sports are more unlikely to drop out of school, and become involved in drugs and alcohol activity, while they also excel in academic performances and sociability. Listed below are our top 10 health and fitness benefits of allowing your child to participate in youth sports and have videos of it.

Let us cover some things parents should consider in terms of the benefits gained in allowing your youngster to participate in youth sports. Physical development, aids in burning the fat, improves endurance, builds character, boosts self-esteem, strengthens perseverance, develops teamwork skills, teaches discipline, promotes healthy competition and provide guidance. Let's make it easier to capture and share those great video memories for generations to see.

Amateur Elite Sports is built to help families preserved video memories of their young athletes from a young age. If it happens that what's preserved in videos might be useful to young athletes to get a scholarship, college recruiters will be able to look at bio and videos from when the player was at a young age and project the development or potential of what that player could become. Youth sport participation offers many advantages including the development of self-esteem, peer socialization, and general fitness.
It is also a great way to keep teens busy instead of having nothing to do during downtime like summer break. We believe if amateur athletes are push not pressure they can reach great potential. However, an emphasis on competitive success-often driven by goals of elite-level travel team selection, collegiate scholarships, Olympic and National team membership, and even professional contracts-has seemingly become widespread. It's has become vitally important to have the best exposure available for your athletes. We will be able to provide the exposure that teams are looking for with clubs and athletes if this is the path you desire for your players or team.
 Live Streaming and archived Amateur Elite Sports video will be instrumental for your amateur athletes for youth soccer or basketball games.

Then on the religious broadcast we are doing the same thing around centralization of Christian video content. There are millions of preaching services and videos scattered all over the web. We are working hard in the background to be the common name that will be top of the mind for Christian videos streaming.

Most streaming marketing companies are packing hundreds of church live streaming on their website. What most of the churches that are using these services are not aware of is those sites maybe popular, but it may not make their live streaming popular. There are too many preachers on those sites to chose from. There's also maybe other reason why you'd choose to broadcast. Like setting live streaming public/private environment where people have transportation or disabilities that would prevent them from visiting your physical location. The benefits can be endless. You can add to the number of active participants in the church community, and possibly even the attendance of the church, by letting members who rarely attend watch the services from home. Archiving your live streams and which make them available as video on demand is also a great way to lock in the experience of each event forever and lets folks who missed the live event stream watch it later.  Live streaming has provided many people with the chance to join in the celebration and gives no time before seen flexibility for church goers.

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